Q42 bump works
— things & stuff —

Q42 is a special projects division for Gary Hoffman. Gary started Codefix Consulting in 2003 and River Writers in 2017.

The primary function of Q42 is as a behind-the-scenes domain, used in the creation and testing of a cloud storage nexus and other experimental endeavours. To this end, it needed to be inexpensive, memorable, and short. Q42 fills all three requirements.

The moniker “bump works” is a meme mashup of Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works and the penultimate line of the Scottish poem, Things That Go Bump in the Night. Q42 itself is a nod to the massive meme cloud sprung from the polydimensional mind of the late, great Douglas Adams.

The webfont used on this page is Libre Baskerville.